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2023 Paris Infraweek: OPENING ADDRESSES

[Plenary Session 1] The new Frontiers in Infrastructure: which Assets for which Needs?

[Plenary Session 2] ESG Regulatory Backbone: How to Channel the Funding?

[Plenary Session 3] Energy Transition: Defining the new Playground

[Fireside Chat] Thierry Deau & Simon Cooper

[Fireside Chat] Vincent Levita & Patrick Tardivy

[Plenary Session 4] Tech in Infra: Designing the NextGen Assets

[InfraNextGen] Awards Ceremony for the Infrastructure Young Professionals

[Fireside Chat] Nicholas George & Lionel Zinsou

[Plenary Session 5] Unlocking Private-sector Financing in Emerging Countries Infrastructure

Outcome of the G20 IWG under the 2023 Indian Presidency

[Discussion] Hydrogen Energy Global Initiatives

[Closing Session] Decarbonizing Infrastructures: Solutions for a Greater Impact

[Country Spotlight] BRAZIL

Exploring Innovative Paths to Finance African Infrastructure, Insights from PPP Experts Across 18 African Nations [Africa Infrastructure Fellowship Program (AIFP)]

[Country Spotlight] CEMAC-PREF

Connecter les Territoires : la Mobilité Ferroviaire

Structuration Financière et Juridique : Nouveaux Modèles de Financement